Paid Advertising Part 2: Determining What to Invest In

This blog is second in a three-part series on paid advertising methods, recommendations based on business outcome, and effective execution. Check out part 1 to learn about key terms.

Now that you’ve mastered some key advertising terms (right?!), it’s time to start investing. Where to start? Before marketers fall into the trap of “not enough leads” and “too many low quality leads” that ping pongs us back and forth in the never-ending game of “Blame the Marketer”, it’s important to create a marketing mix that will satisfy both worlds. Remember, you are the expert. If someone is unhappy with your decisions, take the time to understand the reasons why. Often, it’s just a lack of marketing knowledge and a quick explanation will alleviate the misunderstanding. In other words, it’s the marketer’s responsibility to help their sales and business counterparts understand.

I digress. Focusing on the right marketing mix is your ticket to a happier sales team and a satisfied “C Team”. So, let’s discuss how some of the popular advertising options align with your business goals.

Deciding What Is Important to You

There are two primary outcomes that I consider when choosing paid advertising. Am I trying to generate leads or build brand awareness? Lead generation implies that you will receive a customer inquiry from your marketing campaign. Brand awareness implies that your marketing campaign will increase the market’s familiarity with your brand but does not imply that you will know who that market is made up of. Try to determine what matters most to you. Once you determine that, it’s a little easier to choose what to invest in. Also, don’t try to do it all! You’ll just end up pulling your hair out.

Invest in Advertising That’s Right for You

I’ve created a quick snapshot of advertising techniques to consider based on your goal. Check it out! However, it doesn’t stop there. Proper execution of those paid advertising campaigns is essential to success. Stay tuned next week for some tips and tricks on execution by channel.

The art of paid advertising

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