Finding Marketing Tools, Not Sales Pitches

As content strategy weaves its way into marketing organizations, more teams are replacing their product-centric pieces with thought leadership content. However, not all companies have caught on. Some are still disguising sales pitches as great marketing content. Proper marketing tools (e.g. editable checklists, plans, and guides) are hard to come by. If you do happen to come across a potentially good piece, you usually need to exchange your soul, or something, for reading it.

Burned too many times by misleading content on landing pages, I gave up and started to develop my own resources and tools. I’ve uploaded some of them to the Marketing Resource Center (MRC) and will be adding more in the next few weeks and months for anyone to use. There is no form, so you can decide if these resources are right for you or not.

Marketing Tools on the Marketing Resource Center

Marketing Resource Center

Navigating the MRC to Find the Right Marketing Tools

I saved many late nights and rewrites using the tools in the Marketing Resource Center and I hope you can as well. The MRC is currently divided into three categories:

  1. Resources for Professional Development
  2. Tips for Better Advertising
  3. Tools for Better Content

I’ll be adding some new resources approximately every other week, so don’t forget to check back. Lastly, if you can’t find what you need in the MRC, please let me know. I am more than happy to help.