4 Ways to Reinvent the Marketing Email

Marketing Email. If you just had an uncontrollable urge to start looking for an unsubscribe button, it’s okay. It’s totally natural. These two words often leave a sour taste in most mouths. But as marketers, it’s our job to help society overcome its general disdain for the marketing email by creating an experience worth experiencing. If you have seen little return on your email campaigns to date, then it’s time to reinvent your marketing email.

However, before you start changing your emails, I ask that you do one thing. Measure your current YTD performance as a marketing team (leads, opportunities, wins, etc.) as well as email metrics (opens, click-throughs, etc.). This will help you keep your progress (or lack thereof) in perspective.

Tip 1: Change People’s Perception of the Marketing Email

The traditional marketing email usually starts with a graphic that includes a logo and an engaging headline. This is followed by the copy, a call to action, and usually one more image. Try changing it up. In my experience, personalized emails make more of an impact than traditional designs. Get rid of the header and talk to your audience in a graphic-free form. Or, try something else unique. From emojis to the MORE personalized, user-centric newsletter, marketers are getting creative. Test out different formats to see what receives the most opens and click-throughs.

Tip 2: Optimize When Using Traditional Design

The traditional design described above can still work, but try to follow best practice. Keep it short and sweet, design it clean, and limit links. My rule of thumb is 4-5 sentences. Not an easy thing to do, but well worth it. Click here for some more best practices.

Tip 3: Tell Your Marketing Story Accurately

Strapped companies often forget to make email an extension of the broader marketing message. They are busy. They need leads. And, they need them fast, which often results in one-off emails that are designed to get people to download something. But with a bit of patience and pre-planning, marketers can create a better experience, which in turn, will increase the chance for conversion down the line.

So, here’s your homework. First, identify where your leads are coming from and what content you are offering. Second, identify a piece of content that would map nicely to what the person would have already consumed. Third, make sure the story is consistent and cohesive throughout. Lastly, use technology to put some automation behind your story. A quick draft or summary of your plan is better than no plan:

Marketing Email Planning

Tip 4: Invest in an Agency or Freelancer

Still not sure how to create an integrated and effective email marketing campaign? Ask an expert. Whether it’s an agency or freelancer, you will waste less funds by doing it right the first time.

Good luck!