Get More from Year-End Campaigns

End of the year can be a hard time for any business. However, with a little creativity, last minute leads are not impossible. Here’s how to get the most out of your campaigns during such a busy time.

Develop Your Target List

While it may seem easier to mass-advertise, it can be costly and sometimes, a shot in the dark. A targeted list allows you to choose companies with a high propensity to buy. Now, how do you determine which companies will have a high propensity to buy? Well, this depends on your target audience, but if you are unsure a good place to start is here:

Engagement: Identify the top 100 people and companies that have already interacted with your marketing campaigns, but have not moved forward.
Company Size: Filter down your last minute list to the smaller organizations. Smaller companies tend to be more agile around decision making.
Title: Start with a mid-level manager title to get the conversation going. Often managers are tasked with providing recommendations to executives with signing power.
Company Growth Rate: Consider focusing on Inc 5000 companies as these companies may have budget to spend.

Once you whittle down your list, the next step is choosing your channels.

Choose Your Channels

Depending on your business, certain channels may work better than others. Take a look at your past performance reports to help you identify your top performers. If you don’t know which channels work best for you, here are a few to consider:

Personalized Inmails from an Executive: Leverage the power of an executive’s title. Have your executive send a LinkedIn Inmail from their premium membership account to market your message.
Paid Social Promotions: Consider spending a portion of your remaining budget on an end-of-the-year contest to drive new leads. However, be sure to phrase your contest in a way that drives quality interest. For example, “Need XYZ software? See a demo and be entered to win.” It’s not the ideal lead gen driver, but for an end of year push, it can help bring a few new leads in the front door.
Telemarketing: Invest some dollars in a high-quality telemarketing firm to drive last minute leads, but make sure your message is consistent with your Inmails.
Targeted Email Marketing: After you send the Inmail, send a follow-up message to the same contacts encouraging them to start or further their conversation with your company.

For a broader look at which channels to consider, review this blog post on Understanding Your Options as well as this short paid advertising infographic:

paid advertising campaigns

Craft Your Campaigns

The campaign message is often the hardest part to get right. But, whatever message you create, keep it simple and consistent. Your prospects are busy and if you are able to catch their attention through repetitive marketing, you may just have a shot at starting the conversation before the end of the year. We all know it takes multiple touches for a prospect to convert.

Investing In Experts

Now, if you do have the budget, then it’s time to work with the experts. Invest your dollars with a marketing agency to help you build an integrated digital campaign that will help you realize the return you are looking for.

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